Areas We Cover

Sydney appliance services are provided by a lot of different companies, and there are a lot of different expertise levels available to meet your needs. However, the team here at Sydney Appliance Repair Crew is prepared to go the extra mile (literally) to meet your appliance repair needs. Whether you live in the rural suburbs, or whether you live in the heart of downtown, our team is never afraid to get to the road in order to reach you and to provide you with the solutions that you need. If you have questions about the specific areas that we cover beyond the Greater Sydney area, make sure that you call our team to discuss the specifics of your locations.

Commercial Areas
There are a lot of different commercial areas in the region. In the heart of downtown Sydney, there are tons of towers, government buildings, and tourist attractions. We drive large appliance repair trucks, but that never stops us from reaching your property to get the job done. Not to mention, we serve warehouse and industrial commercial areas as well. This means that we are going to be able to come to that part of town, and when we do, we are always going to be on time. We know how important it is to get to all the areas of town in a timely manner.

Suburbia Our team here is proud to be able to serve all of the suburbs in the surrounding Sydney area. In fact, we are proud to be able to do most of our work in the households of Sydney citizens.
  • North Sydney
  • Sydney CBD
  • Bondi
  • Coogee
  • Randwick
  • Surry Hills
  • Ultimo
  • Mosman
  • Chatswood
  • Penrith
  • and everywhere else in between!

We are a trustworthy team of honest and transparent appliance repairmen. We are the team of individuals that know that our work is impactful, and therefore, there is no suburb too far for our workers to get to.

Fleet Vehicles
Our company is able to reach your location no matter what because we have reliable fleet vehicles. When we are at your property, we are also able to work efficiently. We are able to complete tasks in a time sensitive matter because we always have everything that we need with us, or in the truck, this method and level of preparedness enables us to work smarter and faster than any other appliance repair team around.

Price Points
We go near and far in order to meet your appliance repair needs. There are not any fridge repairs too far, or dish washer repairs too near that our team is not going to be able to handle. Depending on the distance that we travel, it is not going to affect the price that you pay for our services. We know that there are times when locations on the outskirts of town get charged an extra travel fee, but when you hire our team here at Sydney Appliance Repair Crew, you are never going to have to worry about that small fee.

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